HELP WANTED: You Playing a Board Game [CLOSED]

Hello Internet,

Once again, I'm calling on you for some help making my next video.  If you'd like to participate, I'm looking for video footage of you playing a board game.   Here's what I want:

1) A close up shot (no faces, just hands) of you playing a board game.  It can be really close -- no need to show the whole board.  The shot should be:

2) Well lit and high resolution

3) Show some sort of action: rolling the dice, moving a piece, trading cards, etc.

Bonus points if the game is one of the following: Chess, Go, Monopoly, Risk, Snakes & Ladders, or Candyland.  If you have some other interesting game, feel free to submit it as well.  

Super bonus for these specific shots:

  • Trading money in monopoly
  • Landing on a square and buying it in monopoly
  • Building a house / hotel in monopoly
  • Someone losing very badly at chess getting checkmated
  • Someone losing at Risk and getting pushed back into Australia
  • Moving and falling down a snake, then someone else winning on the next roll.
  • Making a move in Candyland

If you can do this, please send me the clips at and include your twitter account or website for credits.  (If the file is too large for email, you can also share it with me via Dropbox)

The sooner you can get the video to me the better -- thanks in advance for any help.

HELP WANTED: Record yourself saying 'Uranus' [NOW CLOSED]

This submission is now closed.

Click here to see the results.

I'm making a short video for my 'extras' playlist people pronouncing 'Uranus' one after another.  If you would like to be included, here is what I need from you within the next few days:

  • A video of yourself saying 'Uranus' while holding a card with your name at the top and the state / province / subnational unit and country you grew up in at the bottom.  (Not where you currently live) Don't worry if your camera makes the text backwards.  I can flip it in post-production. 
  • Say 'Uranus' as you normally would, not as you think you're supposed to.  Make sure your audio is clear and loud.
  • Bonus points if you're a native speaker of a non-english language and can say the name in your language.  If so, please also include the name of your language on the card.  

Joseph Ducreux saying Uranus

I can't promise I'll use all submissions, but you have a better chance of being used if:

  1. The audio is clear.
  2. You or your background is ammusing somehow.
  3. You get it to me ASAP. (Deadline is a vague 'in the next few days')

When you're done, email me your results at and let me know your twitter account, if you have one.