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H.I. #67: Doctor Brady

Brady and Grey discuss: Brexit and emoji flags revisited, Brady doesn't want his problems fixed -- just his jokes laughed at, jousting and golf at the Olympics, Brady gets an honorary degree, and Grey's split-brain video which inevitably spills over into another discussion of free will in which Grey says part of the universe might not make sense but forgot to mention one key point of the argument. 

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Cortex #33: Cortek

Grey has finished conferencing, Myke's ready to give advice, and they both are upset with Evernote.

A Surprise CGP Grey at RelayCon 2016

The Relay FM family comes together in San Francisco to discuss the WWDC announcements, in front of a live audience.

Guest Starring: Serenity Caldwell, John Siracusa, Jason Snell and CGP Grey