Cortex #5: Work Simulator

After trying to find ways to deal with unbearable heat, Grey and Myke discuss how they like to spend their time away from work.

Cortex #4: Posting Day

This week Myke and Grey discuss iPad Portrait layout complications, how Grey deals with posting new videos to Youtube, and the necessity of checklists (even if you don't think you need them). 

H.I. #41: Some Kind of Freak

Grey and Brady are back from the live recording and discuss: death (as always), automation, the Hello Internet flag designs, toothbrushes, a new kind of watch, Brady's music, weight check-in, the Olympics, shorthand, and Getting Things Done revisited.

Cortex #3: Good for Brain Health

This time, Grey and Myke answer questions from listeners, while addressing topics like the utility of the iPad, notification badges, and whether you should have a web browser on your phone.

New Podcast: Cortex

Myke Hurley of fame has, through many lunches and much coffee, convinced me to do a podcast with him for ten episodes. We've been working on it in secret and today it's live.

Welcome to Cortex where Myke will be asking me about the ways that I work and we'll both be talking about getting stuff done and our experiences with self-employment.

Why don't you click here to give it a listen.