Thinking about Attention

I've been thinking about attention, and the lack of it myself, and others, a lot lately.  This weird, sort-of-vlogish video marks for me the start of a plan to step away from a lot of the internet and increase my ability to focus on what matters to me, rather than be distracted by what doesn't.  

So, effective immediately and through the end of the year:

  • No hacker news

  • No reddit (including the threads on my own subreddit)

  • No listening to podcasts.

  • No twitter posts or @ replies.

  • No Instagram.

I’ll still be posting podcasts and videos, I just won’t be seeing the reactions to those posts, and I may revise the above if changes become necessary.   

If you feel like your attention has been shorted, perhaps you should consider taking a break as well.  

H.I. #109: Twitter War Room

Grey and Brady discuss: complaining on Twitter and the clap emoji, laugh inflation and linguistic treadmills, the long half-life of the Hello Internet vinyl edition, Brady is a hotstopper hero, Grey is a villain, Fire in the National Museum of Brazil, Fake or Fortune and Leonardo da Vinci, Listerine on Instagram, Project Cyclops, Grey’s Drama Llama theory, and YouTubers burning out.

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