Brief Update on Subbable & Amazon

Hello Internet,

First off, let me just say how awesome everyone is. Before we broke Amazon, the project to get pop-up ads removed from the videos on the CGPGrey channel was a success in under five hours.

It was totally overwhelming and unexpected. Even though we are having problem with processing the payments right now, I've turned off the pop-up ads a month ahead of schedule1 as a way of saying 'thank you'.

But on to what everyone is asking about: what's up with Amazon? The bullet points are:

  • Stuff's broken.
  • The good people of Subbable and Amazon are working to fix it.
  • There is no estimate as to how long it will take.

Again, let me say that I'm touched by how many of you contacted me expressing concern and wanting to know immediately when you can donate.

As soon as I can, I'll upload another video to the channel when Amazon is back and running -- but as many of you know CGP Grey videos, even the short ones, take a long time to make. So, if you want to know when Amazon is back up as soon as I do I've created a mailing list that you should sign up for.

Again, thank you everyone for both your generosity and your patience.

CGP Grey Email List

1: I assumed it would take most of the month of August to be successful, so all the perks were/are planned to start in September.