HELP WANTED: Record yourself saying 'Uranus' [NOW CLOSED]

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This submission is now closed.

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I'm making a short video for my 'extras' playlist people pronouncing 'Uranus' one after another.  If you would like to be included, here is what I need from you within the next few days:

  • A video of yourself saying 'Uranus' while holding a card with your name at the top and the state / province / subnational unit and country you grew up in at the bottom.  (Not where you currently live) Don't worry if your camera makes the text backwards.  I can flip it in post-production. 
  • Say 'Uranus' as you normally would, not as you think you're supposed to.  Make sure your audio is clear and loud.
  • Bonus points if you're a native speaker of a non-english language and can say the name in your language.  If so, please also include the name of your language on the card.  
Joseph Ducreux saying Uranus
Joseph Ducreux saying Uranus

I can't promise I'll use all submissions, but you have a better chance of being used if:

  1. The audio is clear.
  2. You or your background is ammusing somehow.
  3. You get it to me ASAP. (Deadline is a vague 'in the next few days')