How to Turn off News in Spotlight in iOS 9

If you don't want to see the latest attention-grabbing news headlines in iOS 9 every time you search for anything fear not: there is a way.

But not what you think. Like me, you probably went to:

Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search

And turned off the most obvious option: News


As discussed on the most recent episode of Cortex this won't work at all. It simply limits search results from Apple's new News App which -- if you're searching for this tip -- you probably haven't put anything in anyway.

Instead news results are disabled under the ambiguously-named 'spotlight suggestions':


This sounds like it's going to turn off all the new helpful search results in iOS 9, but never fear: all your documents and suggested apps will still be there. But news won't.

It seems as though with this turned on, if there is extra space on your search page iOS will try to fill it with anything it can think of and most of the time that means news stories, because there's always more 'news' to read.