A Thanksgiving Day 'Thank You'

When I worked as a teacher I never had Thanksgiving dinner with my wife.

The UK doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so no surprise I didn't have the day off. But dinner was also blocked by parents' evenings. Always on Thursdays, and always, unluckily, on Thanksgiving.

My last couple years teaching I worked at a school about two hours from home. Since parents' evenings always ran late, it would have been foolish afterward to ride the train home just to grab a couple scant hours of sleep before getting back up to return to work.

As a result: my Thanksgivings were spent at work during the day and alone in a hotel at night -- my wife also by herself in our flat on the other side of the city.

But things are different now. With the odd title of 'Full-Time YouTuber' I still miss many a dinner with my wife, but the important difference is that I now have control over what days I can be home.

This Thanksgiving I get to be with my wife.

Because of this new career, I have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you to everyone who has supported me -- from those who give on Subbable to those that subscribe on YouTube to those who have just watched a video of mine as one of many in the great torrent of The Internet.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

-CGP Grey