The Problems With First Past the Post Voting Explained

(This video is a part of the 'Politics in the Animal Kingdom' series)

Here is my first attempt at a video where I'm directly trying to be understood, rather than give an overview of all the complexity I don't expect anyone to remember. Feedback would be much welcome, as I'm afraid this one might be a bit… dull.

However, if it goes well I'd like to expand politics in the Animal Kingdom to include some other topics, such as the two mentioned in the video and things like federalism. Suggestions welcome.

Unrelated to anything, I really wanted Elephant to be my centrist candidate, but I'm going to keep it intensionally unrelated to real politics. Zebra was my second choice but, after growing up in the United States and living in London for the better part of a decade now I have rather schizophrenic problems with the pronunciations of some words. Also, for future editions, I'm looking for a good, public domain or creative commons attribution photo of a narwhal. Anyone have one? Flickr came up dry.

In case it's not obvious enough from the video, I'm a big supporter of the Alternative Vote Referendum and the Yes in May Campaign.


Images by: Billy Lindblom, digitalART2, Brian Snelson, Hamed Saber, audreyjm529, Shawn Allen, xlibber, Andrea Allen & Marie-Lan Nguyen.

Music by: Kevin MacLeod.